LoRaWan Use Case

The LoRaWAN™ technology is a wireless Radio Frequency technology developed, standardized and maintained by the LoRa Alliance for public and private networks operating low-cost, low-power nodes and devices for consumer and industrial IoT applications.

All LoRaWAN specification releases include security features (encryption for integrity and confidentiality with different secret keys) leading the technology to be often considered as secure.

Unfortunately a standard software implementation of the cryptography and keys storage create vulnerabilities and can be easily hacked because of a weak implementation.

Security is considered essential for most LoRaWAN applications, so a particular attention has to be given on how to implement security at the LoRaWAN device level.

Trusted Objects has developed solutions enabling augmented security at LoRaWAN end-node device level with a highly secure implementation of the cryptography, of the LoRaWAN frame building and of the key storage.

Trusted Objects provides two options for an efficient and robust root-of-trust according to the risks assessment and security requirement: 
-either a Secure Element (AVNET TO136-LoRaWAN),
-or a Secure Software Library for generic MCU (TO Protect-LoRaWAN).
Both root-of-trust solutions implement:
-secure cryptography (authentication, encryption & decryption applicative data),
-secure LoRaWAN frame building with secure counter management,
-secure keys generation and storage.
In addition, Trusted Objects solutions facilitate the integration of the security in the IoT chain with:
• Reference design with Trusted Objects’ root-of-trust already embedded and qualified,
• LoRaWAN keys secure provisioning solution. Secure Element or Secure Software Library shipped already provisioned to simplify the OEM production process,
• LoRaWAN devices securely connected to Cloud platform: functional secure implementation of the IoT chain.