TLS / DTLS Use Case

The end-to-end security is a key principle of IoT security.
The IoT-TLS (Transport Layer Security) is an easy way to implement an end-to-end security layer on top of the different security pieces of the IoT chain.
The TLS protocol is divided into 2 phases:
  • Handshake phase (cipher suite agreement, mutual authentication, keys computation),
  • Secure communication phase.
Trusted Objects has developed secure implementations of the full TLS stack which consist in certificate-based mutual authentication, secure session key establishment and encrypt/decrypt messages, targeted for IP and non-IP end device. The implementations support also the DTLS protocol stack.
These secure implementations are available with two options according to the risks assessment and security requirement:
-either a Secure Element (AVNET TO136- TLS/DTLS),
-or a Secure Software Library for generic MCU (TO Protect-TLS/DTLS).
Trusted Objects TLS/DTLS secure solutions not only facilitate TLS/DTLS integration at the end-device level but also bring all necessary parts to achieve a Chain of Trust and to easily deploy a secure end-to-end IoT solution:  
- Reference design with Trusted Objects’ secure solutions already embedded and qualified,
- Certificates generation & secure provisioning solution. Secure Element or Secure Software Library shipped already provisioned to simplify the OEM production process,
- End-devices securely connected to Cloud platform: functional end-to-end secure implementation of the IoT chain based on Trusted Objects TLS/DTLS secure implementations.