tops server

Electronic device software IP (Intellectual Property) protection has brought major concerns at manufacturing stage, in the field and during software updates.

A critical challenge is to make supply chain and manufacturing more secure by protecting developer software IP, thus avoiding counterfeited parts and overproduction.


tops stands for Trusted Objects Programming Services and enables developer software IP protection during  the device manufacturing process.

tops offer includes and tops server and tops plug&go.


As part of the to-security offer, tops server runs as a centralized and scalable system that operates on several types of programming equipment, regardless of their location in the world.

tops server provides a full range of services:

  • Secure channel between the software IP owner and the programming facility,

  • Secure storage of the software IP at the programming facility (uncontrolled environment),

  • Secure programming up to the MCU in standalone mode,

  • Secure generation of secret data: unique password, secret keys, certificates,

  • Secure provisioning: keys and certificates injection into the MCU,

  • Secure commissioning of the application server,

  • Signed batch report to control the number of programmed devices.


tops server operates either at OEM factory sites or at subcontractor production facilities.

Trusted Objects experts carry out the installation and the technical support.

tops server services are built according to the highest security standards, including Common Criteria, FIPS and ISO27000 series.