Software IP (Intellectual Property) protection of an electronic device has become a major concern for developers at post-manufacturing stage.

Once deployed, a device with a weak protection of software IP inside the MCU may also lead to security breaches.



Trusted Objects has developed to-protect IP security technology to protect software IP on MCU-based electronic devices. This is especially needed once the device is on the field and exposed to security risks including logical and physical attacks such as software dump and reverse engineering.

As part of the to-security offer, to-protect IP technology enables a permanent encryption of one or several pieces of software IP in the MCU memory.

Once they are securely protected in MCU, pieces of software IP are decrypted only  at the time of code execution.

As a result, hackers dumping the MCU’s Flash and running reverse engineering attacks, are not able to get any useful information on the pieces of software IP.


to-protect IP technology is based on a lightweight secure software library embedded in the MCU and on a trusted security process: 

  • Security assessment with Trusted Objects security experts,

  • Selection of pieces of IP to be protected,

  • Supply of an easy-to-use tool kit enabling developers to securely generate keys and encrypt pieces of IP,

  • Lightweight secure software library integration (cryptography and obfuscation techniques),

  • Tools and support for keys secure provisioning during manufacturing or in OTA (Over-The-Air) at the time of device activation.


Trusted Objects dedicated solutions for IP protection at device level are taking into account the constraints of embedded systems, are easy to implement and proven to be efficient against reverse engineering.

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