Protecting developer’s software IP (Intellectual Property) of electronic devices is a key issue at all stages of the life cycle, including during software updates in the field.

How can we avoid IP theft during software update? How can we be sure we install authorized software IP?


Trusted Objects has developed to-boot security technology to protect software IP during software updates when they are exposed to security risks such as IP theft and malicious software injection.

Being part of the to-security offer, to-boot technology guarantees a secure download and a secure boot.

to-boot brings security in software update of devices already on the field, thanks to:

  • An end-to-end secure channel, built on top of an existing Software Encryption Cloud Service between the server and the device,

  • A secure bootloader, adding authentication and integrity mechanisms to an existing standard bootloader.


The end-to-end secure channel ensures that the software IP is trusted, protected, not modified and not stolen over a standard connection between the server and the device.

The secure bootloader ensures that the MCU will run a genuine software IP built by the authorized product developer.

By handling both aspects, to-boot secure technology provides a cost-effective and easy to install secure software update solution for resource constrained embedded systems.

Trusted Objects security experts will help you defining the appropriate secure software update mechanisms for your use case and according to the MCU features and capabilities.

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