Jun 22, 2021

A major trend: Security as a Cloud Service!

The "security by design" approach is gaining momentum. Despite this positive trend, we observe that the choice of a comprehensive security solution covering IoT device full life cycle is not enough taken into account.

IoT device lifecycle management starts at the design phase and goes on during its active life until the device is retired. It is recommended for each step to address all the relevant security topics: network security, hardware and software device security, trouble detection and reaction, maintaining in secure condition, etc.  For IoT service providers and manufacturers of connected industrial equipment, lifecycle security solutions can be difficult to develop, install, operate and maintain. In addition they can increase complexity thus increasing the overall solution cost.

Thus, we can’t be surprised when we see simpler methods to implement, already qualified, sustainable security solutions arrive on the market. Their goal is to provide a higher level of protection at affordable cost. These solutions are being developed by IoT security players, which attempt to meet market demand with cloud security services. These cloud services provide remote and secure management of devices fleets with secure connectivity, over-the-air secure update of software, keys, certificates or other data, guarantee of secure boot, security concern detection, device secure deactivation and revocation, etc.

These new cloud security services are often combined with new business models, such as monthly or annual subscription per device for access to a particular security service. For securing device fleets all along the life cycle, we are no longer talking about CAPEX but OPEX which may be of interest to most manufacturers or services providers.

This industry evolution is prone to making IoT security solutions implementation, upgrade and administration during the device full life cycle, easier and faster!

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