May 18, 2021
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A deeper dive into embedded systems security

Embedded systems and IoT systems are increasingly exposed to a wider range of new security threats, and this trend will accelerate. Unfortunately, in ecosystems where the supply chain is complex, selecting and implementing the right security could be challenging. Furthermore, it is frequent that managers making decisions on security levels are not the ones who will be held accountable for their choices.

Even when security measures have been duly selected and implemented, facts are showing that there are still some underlying vulnerabilities. On average, security experts will break security features of more than 80% of implementations during their evaluation phase, for multiple reasons:

  • Security attacks are getting easier to set up, even by players who have limited technical skills and could use tools available on the web.  
    It costs just a few dollars to launch massive DDoS attacks capable of generating up to 300Gb/s.
  • Security countermeasures have their own limitations, and having an overreliance on those countermeasures could lead to potential hidden security risks.
  • Security implementation matters! Technical challenges in implementing security could potentially lead to vulnerabilities exploited by hackers.

Having a deeper dive into security of embedded systems highlights some vulnerabilities and provides useful guidelines to improve the resistance of embedded systems against security attacks. You don’t need a PADI certification, just rely on security experts!

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